Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Different Use for Travel Size Toiletries

Purusing the travel size toiletries section at Wal-Mart got me to thinking. There are some products there, like face wash, that I've been wanting to try but I wasn't sure how the product would affect me. For instance, I spent all of the this money on Olay products only to find out I am allergic to them. They break me out. With that in mind, I've been a little wary wasting money on a product that might not work. Then it hit me: travel size toiletries. Many great brands make them since the 3 ounce regulations came out, so why not use them as test subjects? You can test them out without investing too much.

Another option is, if you're like me, I tend to get bored of using the same big bottle. I want to try something new. These mini sizes offer you the chance to switch if you have beauty product ADD like I tend to have. I wish I had thought of this before now!

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Jenmarie said...

Great observation! I should definitely do that the next time I'm wanting to try a product.