Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My biggest help

So, four weeks in, four weeks to go until I see my husband. I have to tell you, Christ has really helped my through this time. He has given me more strength to continue than I ever thought possible. I could not live without Him. I talk to Him constantly, and I feel His calming presence getting me through. What's great, is that it's so easy to know Him. It's not some big complicated step process. It's surprisingly simple. I gave my life to Him. I asked Him to take over everything because I realized He knows what to do and what's best. He doesn't promise those who believe an easy life but a life worth living, a life with someone who always loves and cares about them no matter what. He saved me through His grace by dying for me though I did nothing to deserve it. Simple way to think of it: He paid the bill I owed. It's a love that is greater than I can describe and one that never leaves. He has helped me through losing my job and still looking for one. He's amazing.

Guess what else?! I went out and got a cat! Yup! Cute kitty came from "skid road" as my mother calls it. She's so playful!

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Jenmarie said...

I am so glad you're drawing near to God in this time! He will keep you strong!

Your kitty is adorable <3