Tuesday, April 26, 2011

In My Shower

I thought I'd do something a bit different and fun for today! What's in my shower?

Suave Professionals Sleek. It works as well as Matrix. I just got it, so the jury's still out.

Bath and Body Works Night-Blooming Jasmine shower gel. I think this is now only available during the January/June sales. Oh, my gosh I love this smell! It's so floral yet clean.

The Clean Shower is great. You spray it all over the shower and curtain after you shower. It makes it so much easier when you clean. Plus, it gets rid of mildew on the curtain.

I use a hair pick comb to brush my hair when I condition. It makes my hair smoother.

I use the disposable Venus razors. It's cheaper this way, plus they still work wonderfully. It's my go-to razor!

I only shower with a loofah. I don't use anything else. It scrubs off the dead cells and makes the body wash last a long time on a small amount.

Our pretty shower curtain we received as a wedding gift!

And the liner. Love it!

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Jenmarie said...

Ohhh. Do you know if the Clean Shower spray removes mold stains on a cloth curtain?