Monday, February 28, 2011

Apartment Chic

I love interior design. I love to constantly improve my space. Now that I'm married and we're now living together, I'm ready to bring more design into our place. We have a townhouse apartment and love it. Well, mostly! Everything's unpacked, weeded out (mostly!), and hung up. I'm just waiting for wedding photos to hang on the wall going up the stairs. I'm getting the itch to design the place! So, I'm going to start a section called "Apartment Chic." I know I'm not the only one who lives in one and wants great design! Here's my inspiration for my place; maybe you'll get inspired! 

Maximize Your Space
Some places, like old rentals, will have little nooks that can be used to extra space. Turn it into a mini office area. The key for rental design is organization! De-clutter and group things together. Get pretty boxes, label them, and keep like items together. A small area can house a lot if you organize correctly! Add splashes of color to reduce the feel of being in a mental hospital.

Give New Life to Old Items
Nothing's better than a yard sale or hand-me-downs for design! Many times when we get our first place or first move in together, like my husband and me, you'll have mismatched furniture. If you place them correctly or change the paint color, it can look like new! Upholstering chairs is easier than you think, and it's cheap!


Jenmarie said...

I love storage boxes especially because I'm not a fan of clutter!

Ashley said...

Me too! They have some really cute ones out there!